NAMI Convention

Today has been great for the most part.

It was an early morning. The flights went well and I got to San Antonio fine.

The day has gone well. I grabbed a taxi with a couple girls who also got scholarships from the airport to the hotel. Much nicer that way. We went to eat lunch after getting to check in early to our rooms. I got a room on the 24th floor. So awesome. I can see Denny’s from my room’s window. Heh

Went to laughter yoga and breathed and laughed a lot. Swam in the rooftop pool. Talked with my peers. Apparently I look to be in my early twenties. That’s a new one.

We went to dinner at Denny’s then head back over to the hotel for the young adult movie night. The movie selection was Silver Lining Playbook. About twenty minutes into the movie, I noticed that I was having a throbbing headache. I discretely left and it seems my blood pressure was up. So I did some breathing, drank water. Just breathe.

Tomorrow’s going to be better. Yay.


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