NAMI Convention

Last day. Time for a fiesta.


This morning was a tad bit rough for me. I chose to take my sleeping meds last night so I could get a deep, full night’s sleep. Well, I got more than that. Sometimes I get a hangover effect from the meds that lasts till noon or sometimes later. Our first session was at 1045 so I had a bit of time to wake up but it wasn’t enough. I dragged through the first session of the day. It was really interesting, but I couldn’t comprehend most of it in my drug addled brain. By the second session of the day, I was much more alert. We talked about a 21 day challenge. It takes around 21 days to get a new habit to stick.

So 21 days to being more positive. It involves listing 3 things you’re thankful for, exercise (Lynda, if you’re reading this, I know you’re cheering), acts of kindness, and a couple other things that you do daily to become more positive. And by day 21, the neurons in your brain will have created new pathways (neuroplasticity, I think is what that’s called) and you will have made being more positive into a habit! How awesome is that? I’m going to work on it. I may post it on here and Facebook so I can remain accountable.

The next and last session was about telling your personal story. We learned the format to be able to format your story of your journey so that people will have an easy time understanding you and it will be easy to take action. I hope to email my story to our local legislators and hopefully motivate them to find for mental health funding.

After that session, I got on my swimming suit and went up to the pool. It was practically empty (it was 78 degrees, yet a little windy) so I swam around a little. My special friend I made yesterday wasn’t there but I got a chance to ponder the day and calm myself. I took some pictures of the city that I’ll post in a different post. Then I got cleaned up and went for a walk.

The ending fiesta was fantastic. I ate tons, drank delicious agua frescas, and danced the night away. I even got Dana, one of the leaders of the young adult track who is still a young adult herself, to let loose and dance until the band shut down. A whole group of us young adults were dancing in a semi-round figure on the dance floor for an hour. I was written out and sweaty, but I was so damn happy.

This trip has been a trip beyond compare. It has changed me irrevocably. I won’t ever be the same. I’m terribly thankful for Dana and Darcy, who thought I was a good candidate for a scholarship. I’m thankful to my family, friends, & church family for supporting me in so many ways in this adventure. I’m thankful to my staff for assisting me with a crisis plan I did need to use briefly and for believing in me. I’m thankful to my psych clinician who knew I would do well. But most of all, I’m thankful for myself and my mind’s ability to help me get to the point I’m at and go on this trip. I applied for the scholarship on a whim and when I was awarded it, my brain totally freaked out. But I coaxed it to behave and be calm and here I am!

Goodnight everyone. Sleep well. Tomorrow is a brand new day.


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