NAMI Convention

Another little mishap.

So my roommate for the convention lives in Austin and she had to work today (Monday), so she drove home last night after the fiesta. I thought this would be a nice thing because, hey, who doesn’t want a hotel room of their very own? Apparently the answer is my brain because I could not sleep. Granted, I didn’t take my sleeping medicine because I didn’t want to be groggy this morning. One of the meds I take to help sleep actually slows down my mind so that I can actually let go and sleep. So, if I don’t take that, I end up having little freak outs all night long. I slept for about 45 minutes this morning then I couldn’t sleep anymore. I just couldn’t turn my brain off. I think being alone in my room was exacerbating everything, so I went down to the lobby to read. I stayed there for a bit until I was a bit calmer.

I went back up to my room and watched Mulan on my kindle and took my morning medicine. I’m now in the lobby again and I think I’m going to walk the block to Denny’s & get some breakfast before I have to head out at 0815 to the airport.

I just want to post these posts to show that even though I have these stupid things that go on in my brain, I have to remind myself that I’m in freaking San Antonio by myself (well, not really) and I am trying to live with my illnesses and not let them get in the way of making memories. Yes, I freak out on a regular basis but that’s just something I have to plan for. Life is going to be a bit more complicated because of my special brain. But I’m not letting the illnesses win; I’m fighting back, with the help of all of my supports.

And I’m never going to stop.


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