21 Day Challenge

Some days are better than others.

I’m tired, but I need to do this post before I go to bed so let’s get to it…

1. 3 Gratitude’s
2. Journal About 1 Positive Experience That Day
3. Exercise
4. Meditation
5. 1 Random Act of Kindness

Three things I’m thankful for.

  1. I’m really thankful for the fact that I have enough to eat.  I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this one before but there are so many people out there in the world that are starving.  I have enough food to get through today.  I know I will have food next week and the week after that.  I wish the entire world had that luxury.
  2. I’m thankful for music.  Without music, I don’t know where I’d be.
  3. I am super thankful for the fact that I am progressing daily with my OCD.  The thoughts that filter in and out of my head constantly during the day are causing me a little less turmoil which makes my life a lot more enjoyable.  The small bit that I’m able to ignore (I don’t think that’s the right word though) lets me be able to drive to Iowa City.  That might not seem very big to most people but to me, that’s monumental 🙂

I think my positive experience for the day was getting out of the house.  Sometimes I need to just get out and be twenty-five!  I don’t actually know what that means but in my head, it means going out, spending some time with my friends, and being independent…ish.  I went with a friend to the Farmer’s Market in IC and we wandered around the pedmall and such.  It was just nice to be with a friend and be true to who I am.  I haven’t felt that feeling since San Antonio.  There, I didn’t have to be anyone I wasn’t.  I could just be me.  If people liked me or not, I wouldn’t let it get me down because I was being myself and there’s nothing to apologize about that.  I’m like that with my friends most of the time.  My family however…I sometimes feel like I’m forced into a hole I don’t really fit into when I’m around them.  Some of them hate facets of who I am and make me feel ashamed.  That’s why I prefer to spend time with my true friends.  That and the fact they give me presents like little squirrels 😉

My new family member, Patrice the Squirrel


Exercise was plentiful.  I was up and down stairs, walking around the steaming downtown area, and lifting a heavy basket of food at Bent & Dent.  If that isn’t a work out, I don’t know what is.  heh.


My meditation for the day happened when I was driving home from IC.  I was listening to the radio and a song from my childhood came on.  And I sang along because there was nothing that could have stopped me.  I felt free and relaxed.  That’s a wonderful feeling.


I think my random act of kindness was very lax today.  While walking back to my car with my friend, we saw a young family getting their young kids into their vehicle.  One of the boys had a small motorized wheelchair he was being transferred from into the car.  I smiled because he looked like a happy boy.  I noticed the car was from Illinois according to the plates.  As we passed his little wheelchair, it had a Cubs decal on it so I yelled to the family, “Go Cubs!”  I could hear the smiles in their voices when they replied with a vehement “YEAH!”  If I can get one person to smile a little bit, a situation is definitely worth it.


Well, today as a whole was pretty ok.  I ate too much (iced tea, street tacos, cheese curds, ice cream and some sodas all within a few hours) but I worked hard and had a smile.


And I wrote the second one down here…and I’m working really hard to do so!

Erase Stigma!


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