My support system is amazing.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to stay out of the hospital that long. For a few years now, months were punctuated by trips to the University to spend time in their psych units because of my mental health recovery. I’m so thankful that those places were there for me when I needed them and that I have more than adequate health coverage to cover my multiple hospitalizations.

But if you asked me 11 months ago if I would be going back to the hospital soon after my pulmonary embolism experience, I would have said it was inevitable. I was emotionally unstable and didn’t know which direction was up. But I had such a strong network of people to help me through. My family friends, psych clinician, and other professionals helped me through the hardest days. I’m amazed and incredibly grateful for my support system.

I know that my life with mental illness will have its ups and downs; I’m not saying that it’s all up from here. But I know that I will always make it through with help from the amazing people around me.


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