I know, I know.

It’s been six months without an update.  I’ve had some things going on in my life that have delayed this post.  At this point, I’m still planning to go to the 2015 NAMI Convention in San Francisco next July.  Saving a little every month is going well.  If I keep on, I’ll have the necessary funds so that I can go on my trip.  I will take the train from Mt Pleasant to Emeryville, CA.  It’s a 2 day trip, but I handle the train much better than I handle planes.  And it’s much more cost effective to take the train.  We all know I’m all about being cost effective!  If I have to eat raman for a month or two to go to the convention, I will (Just kidding.  Although I’d probably lose a bunch of weight too!).  Today has been an interesting one and the days are going to only get more interesting as I go.  Tomorrow I’m going to church and singing in the choir for the first Sunday service I’ve done.  The church is so welcoming and I feel at home there.  Becoming socially integrated is something that I’ve been missing in my life and I think I can become more involved in the church.  Presbyterians are awesome!

So there’s a little bit of a plan for my future.  I just have a hope that I’ll be able to follow through with this trip.  I know it will be an amazing experience like my trip to San Antonio was.