mental illness, NAMI Convention

Three weeks! Three weeks! Three weeks!

If you couldn’t tell from my title. I’ll be heading to Denver in three weeks! 
The National NAMI Convention 2016 has kept me going the last few months. I know I’m going to meet people who get it. Who don’t judge me for my metal illnesses. Who want to learn more and make a difference. It’s going to be hard to deal with my anxiety in public but armed with my numerous coping skills (and perhaps a tad bit of Ativan?), it’s going to go swimmingly. My dearest friend Johanna is awesome and I’ll be staying with her and Hawkeye (and maybe Brad. Who knows?) in Ft Collins…an hour and a half ride from Union Station in Denver. So that’ll be interesting. Heh. I can do it!!!!!

Thanks again to both of my church families for their support for this trip. I can’t wait to come back and tell you all about my experiences. I’ll be updating this blog at least daily. The Bustang (the commuter bus to and from Denver) has outlets AND interwebs. Whaaaat? So I’ll have plenty of time to keep you all up to date!