mental illness

I am in Colorado & on the bus (gasp) to Fort Collins!

My train ride was (thankfully) uneventful. Fell asleep around 11p cst and slept till 315a cst. Took a walk up and down the aisle then settled back down. Slept another 45 minutes. Woke up. Read a little from an anthology of historic feminist writings. Gained a seat partner. Fell asleep for another 45 minutes. Woke up and it was light out and the sky was beautiful. 

The Colorado sky just within a few hours. 
Got to Denver on time. Grabbed breakfast at Snooze and decided against pancakes because I’d probably want to take a nap after that and my bus to Fort Collins didn’t leave till 1300 mst. 

My breakfast and how cute Snooze is. 
I got a latte and settled down in the great hall at Union Station and watched the last episode of the first season of Downton Abbey (which I started at about Ottumwa last night). It’s a very interesting show! Then I wandered around the station. Lots to see and observe. 
Then I got lunch-a short rib sandwich and lots of delicious water. Heh. Then I picked my suitcase from checked baggage and went to hang out in the underground bus concourse (and got zero reception!). Then I got on the bus!!!!!

I’m on the busssssssss! 
Update later tonight when I get settled. There will probably be pictures of Hawkeye involved. 🙂 


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