mental illness

Hey yo, guys! Day 1 of #NAMICon16 is in the books!

Got on the bustang at 0700 to head to Denver.


Right away, I realized I forgot my headphones.  Not good.  I need my music to decompress and distract.  So when we got to Denver, I rode the bus (!) to Walgreens and got a pair then rode the bus to the hotel where to convention is being held.

nami wall light thinger

yup I'm here

Got all registered.  Went in search of a restroom and found one.  It’s a very fancy bathroom with a sitting space with comfy chairs and a whole lot of mirrors.  Hmmm.  Then I looked around for awhile and went to the Program Fair and, among other things, got my pictures taken in a photo book. 😉

photobooth pics

This is me working my angles.  haha.  Wonderful, right?  A lady from Muscatine, Iowa.  I said, “Hey.”  And I talked to Darcy who was the director of the youth and young adult things at NAMI before she started her new position.  She and Dana were in charge of the Young Adult Track at the 2013 National Convention.  I talked with Darcy briefly and it was nice to see a familiar face.


I went to a session on a new wellness app/webpage called my strength and it would be super nice if my insurance or hospital adopted the use of the app.  You can’t, as a personal person, access it.  You need a payer code.  I’ll talk to my psych clinician about the U adopting it and I’ll write a letter to Amerihealth Caritas about it too.  Many people on Medicaid would benefit from this app.  The only barrier would be if they would have a smart phone.  I think it’s able to be accessed just on a computer too.  I’ll follow up with everyone.


After that session, my bum was tired of sitting all day (The majority of the last two days have been on trains and buses).  I got up and walked around and realized I was feeling a tad anxious.  So I decided to be done for the day.


I head to Union Station (on the bus) and waited inside and downstairs for the bus.  The benches are segmented so that people don’t sleep on them, but the butt space would have had to be two inches wider to not squeeze my thigh/butt fat.  haha.  And every single bench on the underground bus concourse was segmented.  Oh joy.  It’s all good.  I’m used to my butt fat being squeezed uncomfortably.


So I jump on the bustang to Fort Collins.  Got super settled and plugged in.  I was excited to see the mountains on the ride back to Johanna’s.

This was my view out the window-

beautiful skies

And these pictures are no filter all the way.  I’m amazed at the beauty of God’s creation.  I looked at the sky and mountains and just cried today.

Johanna and I went to Sprouts (and grocery store with good cheap produce) then went to her house to make zucchini boats.  They were steamed, cooked onions and sausage and bread crumbs as a topper.  It was definitely a good, filling dinner.  Then we went to Trader Joe’s.  And I got two different mango things and Johanna got one too.  We enjoyed mango sorbet mochi when we arrived home.  Packed my lunch for tomorrow (and it has tomatoes in it…surprise!!!!).  So, as I’m typing this, my eyelids continue to get heavier and heavier.  So it is time to rest my head.  I’m leaving at 0600 on the bustang and…well, that’s earlier than usual for me.  😉  I’ll update tomorrow.  You can follow my instagram at jamieraye46 and I’ll be posting picture updates there throughout the day.  I’m excited to hear Patrick Kennedy speak at the opening plenary session.  And there’s a YA group tomorrow that I’m looking forward to.




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