I know, I know.

It’s been six months without an update.  I’ve had some things going on in my life that have delayed this post.  At this point, I’m still planning to go to the 2015 NAMI Convention in San Francisco next July.  Saving a little every month is going well.  If I keep on, I’ll have the necessary funds so that I can go on my trip.  I will take the train from Mt Pleasant to Emeryville, CA.  It’s a 2 day trip, but I handle the train much better than I handle planes.  And it’s much more cost effective to take the train.  We all know I’m all about being cost effective!  If I have to eat raman for a month or two to go to the convention, I will (Just kidding.  Although I’d probably lose a bunch of weight too!).  Today has been an interesting one and the days are going to only get more interesting as I go.  Tomorrow I’m going to church and singing in the choir for the first Sunday service I’ve done.  The church is so welcoming and I feel at home there.  Becoming socially integrated is something that I’ve been missing in my life and I think I can become more involved in the church.  Presbyterians are awesome!

So there’s a little bit of a plan for my future.  I just have a hope that I’ll be able to follow through with this trip.  I know it will be an amazing experience like my trip to San Antonio was.


I’ve made a decision.

That I’m not going to continue to fundraise for the trip to the National NAMI Convention in Washington DC this fall. I haven’t gotten very far and was struggling with my drive to fundraise. I’ve felt very apathetic when it comes to life right now and that’s effecting my actions. If you’ve already donated, I’ll be sending you a check and a thank you. I’m appreciative of all of the support from my friends. I did the number crunching and figured that if I save $125 a month, I’ll have enough to go to the convention in San Francisco in 2015. Something to look forward to and keep me going. I’m sad that this has to be called off but know that it wasn’t meant to be. Thanks guys.


My Denver trip went well.

The train ride there went smoothly and I got there a little after we should have been in but it wasn’t awful. Johanna met me at the train station and it was so nice to see her. We talk online multiple times a week to stay in touch but I don’t get to see see her very often. We decided to go to Sam’s #3 restaurant downtown. We waited for a table and chatted. Then we got seated under a heat lamp. I felt like a lizard for a bit. I ordered an omelet and French toast and it was good ole home cooking. My dad would have loved that restaurant. It was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives and they’re very stoked about that. 🙂

Johanna dropped me off at the house with instructions to eat whatever I wanted while she was off at work. I took a shower, ate some cinnamon squares, and watched a little tv with my couch buddy Hawkeye. When Johanna got home, we pulled together dinner and it was tasty. Then we went downtown to see “The Heirs of Hogwarts” improv. It was hilarious to an extreme. Also, Brad, Johanna and I have all of these new inside jokes. 🙂

Saturday morning comes and I’m ready for my day. Brad was spending his day running and biking. And while that sounds like a good time, Johanna and I had better plans. We waited in line for donuts at Voodoo Donuts and they were the best donuts I’ve ever had! Gotta repeat that next time. Then we went to Boulder and toured the Celestial Seasonings factory (the only one in the world!). Then back to Denver to have lunch at Chipotle (ha, Joseph) and went to a cool bookstore. I didn’t buy anything but I saw a lot of things I wanted to buy but didn’t. 🙂 Then we went to Trader Joe’s and then got a cupcake. Our day was coming to a close. We had homemade pizza and watched the movie The Heat.

Sunday was great. Well, in the middle of the night, I had a night terror and was flailing in my sleep and killed a lamp. Oops. But we got up and went to church then went home for lunch. Lunch was beer braised spareribs and they were delicious. Then Johanna made some pb/chocolate sandwich cookies and I made raspberry ricotta scones. Lots of baking. Yum.

Sadly my trip has to come to an end. But I had a good time and it was awesome to have so much fun with those two. Fall may bring another trip. Who knows? Have to raise money and it’s not going that well. If you want to donate to my NAMI DC trip fund, let me know and we’ll figure something out. Thanks for reading this all and I hope you have a good day.


Another trip for Jamie, Another step in the right direction.

I’m planning to go to Denver to visit Johanna and Brad at the beginning of April.  I’m very excited about this trip because Johanna is one of my dearest friends and I miss getting to hang out with her.  So we’ll try to squeeze in as much hang time as possible when I go visit.

The thing about going on trips for me is that I have something to look forward to.  Living with Depression fills my life with so much emptiness and despair that I don’t know which way is up sometimes.  When I schedule a trip, however, I know in my mind that making it to that point will make me happy and I’ll get a lot of good out of it.

I’m planning another trip.  It’s a trip of a lifetime and I need everyone who cares about me’s help to get there.  I’m hoping to go to the 2014 NAMI National Convention in Washington DC.  If you want, you can go here and make a donation to  my fund so that I can become the best advocate I can be.  I have so much to do in this world and I can make a difference.


I guess the universe thinks I’m a strong, capable person…

Because I just found out that I have diabetes. Type II. I think I’m in shock right now. They started me on metformin and said to continue eating better and exercising. I’ve lost about 20 pounds since I was in the hospital so that’s a good start. I’m just feeling anger, sadness, and overwhelmed. I hope those feelings will pass as I put my plan into action. I just feel slighted by the universe.