Days two and three (and four!) of the Art, Recreation, and Worship Conference!

1. I just love that even when people are in the chairs in the dining room, there’s still room to walk between tables…ample room. Perfect.
2. People are funny. And I have exceptionally good comedic timing occasionally.
3. There are a few people who I’ve built good relationships with these past few days. I’m happy people are kind to me and don’t mind my babbling. 😂 it happens, man. I’ve been doing the thing where I stare at people and just have no idea what’s going on and people are very gracious to me.
4. Apparently I’m going to marry a man named Barry who writes x-rated notes to girls in class and picks his nose in public. 😂
5. I am just really good at talking to people. I’m exhausted but I haven’t felt better anytime lately.
6. I am SO EXCITED to bring back these games to the youth. There are some that they will just adore..
7. I really really really want to come back next year. Hoping there’s a payment plan available or something. I’d love to do a games group next year but then do another workshop for something artsy.  I don’t know. There will also be ample time to plan and save and try to convince other people to come with me!!!
8. I have frequently thought my feet hurt really bad, but that didn’t have anything on how they feel now. So that’s interesting. 😂😂 But I keep going!!!

9.  I’m terribly sad that today’s the last day for this conference.  I don’t know how this week has gone so quickly.  But I’m thankful.  Oh oh so thankful.


God is good all the time.  All the time, God is good.


Things I’ve noticed about the Arts, Recreation, and Worship Conference at Montreat so far (mid day 2):

1. The setting is beautiful. Mountain-y things. A lake. Lots of awesome trees. The buildings are pretty cool. 

2. The people are amazing so far. Very kind and don’t zone out when I babble (which has definitely been more than usual). 

3. The fact that I can talk to anyone and decided to completely go all in this week and push myself physically, mentally, and socially has already worked in my favor. However, it’s the first full day and I had to sit at one of the tables that only had three chairs because I needed to recharge. I usually ration out my socialization throughout any given week so having all of this awesome excitement is amazing but draining. But the people get it and encourage you to respect your limits. 

4. The food is pretty awesome. I had hella good bread pudding last night for dessert. And there was warm peach cobbler and ice cream for lunch today too. The non dessert food is awesome too. All of the salad fixings ate fresh and delicious. Just so tasty. I’m also glad that I’ll be doing lots of walking (up hills and stairs) so I can burn off some calories. Ha. 

5. The worship leaders are awesome. Our morning service was really good today. We’re going through a microcosm of the church year so we started with Advent today. We talked about creation and Christ’s birth and how in order to know our future, we must know our past (I think. My brain is a sieve right now). 
More soon.