Days two and three (and four!) of the Art, Recreation, and Worship Conference!

1. I just love that even when people are in the chairs in the dining room, there’s still room to walk between tables…ample room. Perfect.
2. People are funny. And I have exceptionally good comedic timing occasionally.
3. There are a few people who I’ve built good relationships with these past few days. I’m happy people are kind to me and don’t mind my babbling. 😂 it happens, man. I’ve been doing the thing where I stare at people and just have no idea what’s going on and people are very gracious to me.
4. Apparently I’m going to marry a man named Barry who writes x-rated notes to girls in class and picks his nose in public. 😂
5. I am just really good at talking to people. I’m exhausted but I haven’t felt better anytime lately.
6. I am SO EXCITED to bring back these games to the youth. There are some that they will just adore..
7. I really really really want to come back next year. Hoping there’s a payment plan available or something. I’d love to do a games group next year but then do another workshop for something artsy.  I don’t know. There will also be ample time to plan and save and try to convince other people to come with me!!!
8. I have frequently thought my feet hurt really bad, but that didn’t have anything on how they feel now. So that’s interesting. 😂😂 But I keep going!!!

9.  I’m terribly sad that today’s the last day for this conference.  I don’t know how this week has gone so quickly.  But I’m thankful.  Oh oh so thankful.


God is good all the time.  All the time, God is good.