NAMI Convention

Sitting in the little waiting room thinger.

You know, the place where you wait at your gate and such?

Doing good. Haven’t felt like I’m going to hyperventilate or throw up since I took a dose of Ativan right after we left Washington.

Got through TSA no problem. My staff had helped me set up a special thing where I had a very nice, very understanding female officer helping me through the process. They only had to pat down my hair so I was thankful for that. Then the TSA lady walked me to my gate. I don’t think she had to but she carried my bag (which is a bit hard for me due to balance issues) and made sure I was ok before heading out. She wished me “Happy Flying” and to have a good trip.

Now I’m just waiting till it’s time to board. I might get myself a newspaper and check that out. 🙂

Thanks for reading!