mental illness, NAMI Convention

So everyone, today’s the day!

I am leaving on a train at (hopefully) 5:59p from Mt Pleasant to head to Denver!  Everything’s packed save my computer (because I’m currently using it to type this up!) and my water bottle (which is in the fridge chilling).  I have an alert on my phone that will remind me to get my water bottle before we head to the train station.



I’m so thankful for this opportunity to go to the National NAMI Convention again.  I hope to learn a myriad of things and meet awesome people. This is my chance to become an even better and more informed advocate for people with mental illnesses.  The sessions I’m most looking forward to are the research updates and the opening session in which Patrick Kennedy is speaking at.


So just follow along with this blog because I’ll be posting pictures and stories of my time in Colorado!  The good thing about riding the Bustang to and from Denver every day is that I’ll have time to update this blog on the way to Fort Collins every afternoon/night.  The bus has wifi!  If I have to ride on a bus, it for sure needs wifi. haha ♥