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Well, I wanted to let everyone know…

That the NAMI National Convention 2016 IS A GO!


Thanks to the support of my friends at both my churches put together with the (little) money I’ve been able to save, I was able to cover my train transport out and back, a NAMI membership (to make the convention fee less), and the full convention fee!  Wowza.


And of course, I have to thank my dear friend Johanna (and her accomplices Brad and Hawkeye) for opening up their home to me for the week.  They live in Fort Collins, Co…which is about an hour north of Denver.  There’s a commuter bus that goes from Ft Collins to Denver during the week called the Bustang (ha!).  So that’s  how I’ll be getting to Denver.  Without Johanna’s generous home opening (does that make sense?), I was able to actually attend the convention this year because I didn’t have to worry about outlandish hotel fees (and the tax on hotel rooms in Denver is like 25% or something ridiculous like that!).  She’s saving my butt!  It also doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty much the coolest person ever and I love her with all my heart. ❤  What a good egg.



So yeah, in five weeks right about now, I’ll be rolling into Denver’s Union Station.  How ridiculous is that?!! Thanks to all of you for your support and love. I really wouldn’t have made it this far without it.

NAMI Convention

So I decided to make this blog about my trip to San Antonio for the NAMI Convention.

I also hooked it up so it’ll post on my facebook!  So you guys will get to see and read all about what’s going on.  Isn’t that exciting?  It is to me so what you think doesn’t really matter.  😉


I’m really excited and I just realized that there’s only two and a half weeks till I leave!  A) I can’t believe that my scholarship app was chosen and B) I can’t believe I’m going to be going all the way to San Antonio (BY MYSELF) to a convention of people who want to learn more about all things involved with mental illness.  That’s amazing.  So I’m not going to shut up about it.  🙂


Thanks for reading this.  There’s lots more to come!